What We Do

QTech365 is all about Fin-Tech!

We help our customers with anything and everything to cater their needs of Financial Technology Developments. We implement custom-made, best fit solutions that automate as well as enhance various processes and trading segments; right from managing Clients and Investors to their portfolios, their orders, their execution management systems etc.

The solutions like Order Management Systems, Execution Management Systems and other Trading Tools and Platforms can impeccably enhance organizations like investment banks and firms, trading agencies and brokers who are managing funds and investments for their respective clients. No matter if you’re using other well-known trading platforms such as Bloomberg or Thomson and Reuters or Interactive Brokers, thoughtful solutions built by QTech365 can certainly change the way you trade.

The team at QTech365 is capable enough to build Financial Technology Solutions that runs on any devices – Either a desktop computer, a Smartphone, an Android Tablet or an iPad. We’ve got you covered when it comes to Fin-Tech Development!